Light vein, life vein.

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Phenomenal, macabre monster art by Naomi Chen 

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zhiuy’s work is a huge inspiration to me!

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A solid way to accept someone’s feelings.

I laughed for 5 straight minutes at this.


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Lil’ Hersha and Berta! Ahh, now I want to do the other Allmates…


PHEW done (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 

My entry for the Tera 2nd anniversary contest.

This contest had terrible timing for me so i thought i would finish this old WIP i had from 2 years ago of the 4 characters in the middle so it would be faster, WELL IT WASN’T it was actually a bad idea that took forever because i had to almost remake the whole thing and added a million characters so all races would be in there and arrghhh on top of that i painted it in grayscale and i forgot i’m really bad at colouring from grayscale, i just dig and dig my own grave in every contest hahaha

anyway i hope you like it! I’ve seen some of the entries and WOAHFUYAWGFAG it made me so nervous, some really great artists joined, the loading screens this year will be really pretty ♥(ノ´∀`)

added some close ups because tumblr made it tiny as usual, i paint with my chin anyway so there is not much fine detail to see lmao

now back to black desert fan art cause damn

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hand-painted backgrounds from the kill la kill making of documentary

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